London Taxi Drivers – The Knowledge

As I am sure you are aware, working as a London taxi driver requires you to pass The Knowledge London test, often referred to simply as ‘the knowledge’. This test is like no other in the UK requiring immense amounts of study and dedication.
I have the utmost respect for London cabbies knowing what they have to go through to get their green badge. Having a couple of friends who are working as taxi drivers in London, I can safely say that I am glad I didn’t have to sit the knowledge test! There are 400 runs (routes) as mentioned in the Public
Carriage Office "Guide to Learning the Knowledge of London" (the 'Blue Book') and more than 1000 pubs bars and clubs in central London. There is a written test and you will also be tested ‘one to one’ in interviews called ‘appearances’.
Helpful Learning Resources...
You will need to exercise your memory to make the most of your study time, some prospective cabbies also drive The Knowledge London routes on mopeds because driving the routes allow you to visually remember them, this is the best way to learn. Either way you wil need some learning resources.
There is a CD information pack full of loads of good info and resources you can print off and use on the computer, you can order it online and it is called 'Become a London Taxi Cab Driver' (links below) ...I first found out about this via a friend who has since passed the knowledge and is now working as a full time black cab driver. I have had a chance to look at the materials myself and it is a very useful and comprehensive tool to have as an aid to your study and for mock testing yourself.
Features include...

  • Essential information about the Knowledge
  • The eligibility requirements
  • How and where to apply
  • The History of the Black Cab
  • Completing the Application Form correctly
  • What the selection process involves
  • Actual Interview questions
  • Advice on how to tackle the Blue Book Runs
  • Where to find FREE information and resources
  • Complete list of points
  • Complete runs
  • 30,000 points in text format
  • Sample blank maps

In Summary...
This information is spot on and is just what you need... highly recommended by colleagues, especially as it costs so little at the moment. Doing the knowledge in London really requires all the help you can get so the sample maps are very useful, the complete runs and list of points are invaluable as are the interview questions. There are loads of links and tips on how to find free information. There is also a free bonus CD included at the moment on how to pass your interview - I cannot comment on that part as I have not seen it, but the price is right! ;-)
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Safe driving peeps!

If you buy dont forget to leave your comments below.

p.s. i had a link to an old online the knowledge London taxi mock test. will post here if i remember.


  1. I happened to buy this a few months ago and have to say it is top notch stuff, i didnt get the free interview disk. Perhaps that is a new thing?

    All the best

    Jim Rose

  2. I took the plunge and placed an order, glad i did as the material has been invaluable. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Exellent package. Delivery took 6 days but it is that time of year to be fair.

  4. I am one of those London Cabbies. When I did the knowledge it took me over two years. Each driver has his own way of learning and I went to the cobden club at kensal rd and a milkman who decided to become a cabby completed from start to finish made it in 13 months which tells me its how much you want it.

    big blinding blogger

  5. whoa, 13 months... now thats dedication! Hmm, but maybe his milk rounds where all the same as the test routes? lol ;-)

  6. I purchased this Disk for my husband a few weeks ago, he has found it very useful.

  7. Does exactly what it says on the tin, quick delivery

  8. Placed my order and it took 3 days to arrive, the information in this package is nothing short of amazing!

  9. is there any information in this regarding advise on the best way to memorise routs/streets/roads etc that would be relevant to other parts of the country?

  10. I was tired of trawling the internet for hours on end only to find patchy information, only to find that it was often out of date. In my frustration I purchased this and have not looked back. I can strongly recommend it to anyone looking for information regarding the knowledge. It has saved me hours of frustration! It is well put together, intuitive to use and all information is current.



  11. I am one of those cabbies in London. When I did the knowledge it took more than two years. Each driver has his own way of learning and I went to the club in the third Kobidin [descendants] milkman who decided to become a taxi driver completed from start to finish made in 13 months, which tells me how much you want it.

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